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Dudeism (video)

Ah, another funny example of men wandering in America.

VW Commercial for Dudeism


Did you know that advertisers scout for the brightest young graduate psychologists in college, just like banks search for math geniuses to create the next derivative scheme?

You see, they get hot psychologists to identify the pain in the current culture so they can position their products as the solution. Advertisers have done this with cigarettes & booze since the 1950s and now it’s used for most every products.

Here we see a Dude worshiping being a dude. Bathrobe, no purpose or direction in life, or women. Say, but if he plays it off as cool, and buys the product, everything will be OK.

It’s not a new car, sunglasses, or a robe that make a man sexy. It’s being a man that makes a man sexy. And a man that knows his purpose is the sexiest of all. Ask any woman, I dare you!

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