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Even Bill Gates didn’t do it alone. Why are you trying to? (video)

Bill Gates may be as important to human history as Guttenberg, who invented the printing press. Not only was he the richest man in the world at one time but more importantly, he made information available to every single human being. Information was once only available to the church or kings. Now every single human is connected to each other and all information.

I huge ego lie in our culture though is that there is something noble or superior about doing things ourselves. Specifically among men. We don’t realize that every great man had a team, partners. Gates had his childhood friend, Paul Allen. Henry Ford & Carnegie had huge teams. There is no honor in doing things alone. That is the ego of a teenager still angry at this father.

Check out this interview with Allen. These boys had a dream and worked on it together. Allen is just 2 years older than Gates. They grew up together.

Original video link: http://www.cbsnews.com/video/watch/?id=7363070n&tag=related;photovideo

We could learn a lot about partnership from this story! Don’t let the media’s focus on conflict to sell products get to you. The media thrives and gets rich off our ego’s need for conflict.

Instead, focus on how these two boys were able to work together for so many years, even though they were geeks with little to no relationship skills. When we have a higher purpose, especially a project that helps mankind advance, the challenges really become meaningless. Dreaming works better when you have a friend by your side.

These kids dreamt of a computer in every home and did it together.

What men do you have on your team? Or, do you only have women on your team, still angry at your father for not being more like your mom?

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