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Have a sense of humor to be a good dad

As a coach, I often look at these three core energies to be in balance:

  • strength
  • compassion
  • playfulness

We can see these in any mammal. When we’re off balance, we’re usually missing one or more of these.

To be a great parent, we often forget how important playfulness, a sense of humor, nothing is that serious in the big picture, is to success. When we can share the crazy thoughts we have, the challenges of parenting, imperfect, of being a dad, we get to be vulnerable, a human being, normal, and get back in the game.

Here’s 10 hilarious minutes with master comedian Louis C.K. about the challenges of being the perfect dad. Stick around for the finale!

Remember, one of your gifts to the family, as a dad & husband, is the gift of playfulness and humor. The old saying may be especially true for men: “If you take your self too seriously, no one else will.”

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