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So many differences between men and women (Chris Rock)

WOW! Looks like I haven’t posted to this blog in 4 years. I ran across on of my favorite insightful relationship videos and here we are.

One of the master keys to success in a relationship is understanding the DIFFERENCES between men and women!

Oh yes, I hear it now, it’s like a broke a religious rule: NOOOOOOO! MEN AND WOMEN ARE EXACTLY THE SAME and if you don’t think, somehow could we revert back to macho jerks and submissive house wives.

OK, get over it! Diversity training is all about understanding and APPRECIATING that each of us has an unique experience of life. NOT better or worse. No ego comparison. Just UNIQUE and different.

Now, here’s a funny look at a key potential different between women and men… from the great relationship philosopher… Chris Rock.

Maybe you agree or disagree. Post your comments below.

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