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“When you grow a pear.” (video)

OK! When men (really boys) are becoming so wimpy that young girls have so pop songs about growing a pair, it’s time to GROW A PAIR!

I hear this so often from women, that there’s just something wrong with men today. Women have to either chose between:

  1. the unconscious chest beating macho jerk OR
  2. OR, the Sensitive New Age Wimp

A buddy just pointed out this pop song from 2010. Now young girls are clearly pointing out what they are tired of. I’ve been encouraging these women to speak up! When women speak out again for the kind of men they want, and won’t give sex unless the get it, men will again change.

Ke$ha–Grow a pear

Women demanded me become sensitive in the 1960s sexual revolution and many men responded en mas. Now it’s time for the next evolution: A man that got a pair AND is fully alive.

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